Red Sea Habitat, Ras Mohamed Marine Park

The Red Sea is a particularly beautiful and richly populated habitat, with innumerable species of tropical fish and the largest number of coral species in the world.
This heritage belongs to all of us, and we have a duty to protect it.
D&D actively supports every initiative aimed at safeguarding the environment. In this respect, our guests will be instructed on a simple code of conduct to observe, in accordance with the rules set forth by the Ministries for the Environment and Tourism, and endorsed by the relevant International Organizations:


touch- Do not touch the corals: small coral polyps are extremely fragile. Furthermore, certain species of coral can irritate the skin
- Do not touch the fish in the Marine Park: they are not afraid of man and will let themselves be approached, but touching them can be dangerous for humans, and certainly harmful for the fish
walk- Do not walk on the reef: use the walkways and paths provided. One footstep can destroy the slow and painstaking end product of many years’ growth
feed- Do not feed the fish: our food is harmful for their health. It is extremely easy to admire and photograph the fish as they are present in large numbers and will approach you spontaneously
take- Do not remove anything – shells, corals, etc. – even from the beach
throw- Do not litter land or sea.