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Technical Dives

At Diving&Discovery are available the most popular and attractive TEC DIVE Courses & Dives with DSAT & PADI certifications.

Two Scuba Divers

Beside the high level experience of our Instructors, particular attention is given to the Technical Diving Equipment, with TOP LEVEL brands and models, as APEX Regulators and HALCYON BCDs.


The ratio Instructor-Guest for Guided Dives and Courses is 1:1 (if requested up to max 1:2)

Our HIGH TECH Filling Station provides for any Gas mixture:


TEC NITROX up to 80% O2 

200 Bar (2’900 PSI) 


200 Bar (2’900 PSI)


200 Bar (2’900 PSI) -


Twin Sets S80–S100 Tanks (12Lt – 15Lt)

Stage Tanks S100 (15Lt), 80 (12Lt), S40 (6Lt)

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