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NITROX for Free

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Why is a privilege to breathe NITROX?

And why we offer it FREE of CHARGE?

There are several benefits of diving on Nitrox, they include your health & safety between & after repetitive dives and how long you are able to stay at depth.

Dive Longer: Other than health & safety benefits, Nitrox scuba dives enable you to stay at depth for longer than air does. Due to the increased oxygen causing reduced nitrogen levels, you are able to stay at a particular depth for longer than if you are breathing regular air. A diver on air needs to start ascending to the surface sooner than a diver on a Nitrox mix because of the build-up of nitrogen in the diver’s bloodstream and tissues.

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The NDL (No Decompression Limit) is the maximum length of time you can stay at a particular depth and still be able to slowly surface without having to perform a Decompression Stop. Nitrox divers are able to extend their NDL because the gas that they are breathing has less nitrogen than a diver on air. 

Our Guests Safety , Comfort and Relax are our PRIMARY GOALS… that’s why we consider NITROX FREE of CHARGE a MUST.

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