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Our Amazing House Reef

Listed within the TOP Dive Sites in all Sinai, Diving&Discovery house reef named Ras Umm Sid, it's a breathtaking coral vertical drop-off, where a blow of underwater flora and fauna surrounds our Guests during the whole year.

Photo by: A. Balbi

Photo by: A. Balbi

Relax & Comfort, is a paramount for guest diving in our house reef, therefore we assemble the dive equipment in an A/C Briefing Room, our staff transport the equipment to and from our wooden jetty, where comfortable stairs allow the divers and snorkelers to entry gradually in the water.

Luckily sea conditions at our house reef are optimal year round, as the entrance spot is well protected by waves and wind, so it is simple to enjoy the spectacular coral, sea fan,  colorful reef fishes and large pelagic fishes playing in the blue water.


Photo by: Marco Caré

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